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1. Server Browser

Matchmaking services are great on Console for ease of use, but we're PC gamers at heart. We want to enable server owners to keep tight nit communities and give them the ability to host and change server rule sets to suit their needs. We'll also be including simple LAN support for tournament play. For those players on console, we'll also let players host their own lobbies and tweak game rules locally.

2. FoV Slider

100% will be included in the PC version.

3. Voice Communication

Teamplay will be important if a Platoon wants to become best in their Battalion. We'll be including in game VoIP (which players can toggle mute) but we're totally cool with players using external VoIP software like Teamspeak, Mumble, etc

4. Graphical Options

We'll have a plethora of Graphical options on launch. We'll be perfecting our option menu through our Kickstarter backer Alpha/Beta sessions.

5. Micro-Transactions.

We have no plans for micro transactions to be added to the game on launch (or after for that matter). Battalion 1944 will be a pay once full access title, with hours of multi player content!

6. Ability to disable text chat.

Text chat will be turned on by default but we can add an option to disable all messages. We want to encourage team play but for those players who would rather lone wolf, we're fine with players toggling off text chat. We've played enough Counter Strike against flamers and trolls to know how important it is to have this option!

7. Search and Destroy

We'll be including a Search and Destroy game mode and players/server hosts will be able to change player limits. For the official servers we'll adjust rule sets based on community feedback!

8. Behavior rating matchmaking system.

We'll be looking into the best way to implement a system that fits Battalion 1944 to help keep the community friendly and competitive. It's also worth noting we're already in talks with established anti cheat providers to create a solid and Persistent Anti-cheat System.

9. Game modes.

We want to create some new innovative game modes to run alongside the classics such as TDM, S&D and CTF. We'll be testing these during our Alpha/Beta sessions and tweak the rule sets based on your feedback!

10. No overpowered kill streaks and no death streaks.

The entire team 100% agree. Just you and your skill as a player.

11. Grenades.

We'll be looking into balancing all weapons in Battalion during our Alpha/Beta sessions. In Call of Duty 2 grenades are very powerful tools, even more so in certain game modes such as CTF and S&D. This is something that will require a lot of testing and feedback to get right but we're focused on making Battalion competitive and fair.

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Zapowiada się ciekawie. Chetnie bym pograł w jakiegos dobrego competitive'a w okresie WW2

Tyle, ze jeszcze co najmniej rok czekania....

Może tak się złożyć w 5 te 200 funciaków i miec 5 egzemplarzy team.enclave w creditsach ;p


Dobrze że jest zainteresowanie :)

Minęły 3 dni od startu na kickstarterze i już uzbierali wymaganą kwotę, a nawet już poszły wszystkie najtańsze oferty, więc zainteresowanie ze strony graczy jest duże, teraz można jeszcze najtaniej podjąć za 15 funtów, chociaż pewnie niedługo i te się wyprzedają.

Będę informował na bieżąco co się dzieje z grą, więc zaglądajcie.

"WOW! £100,000 in under 3 days! We did it. Battalion 1944 is now confirmed to be fully in development for ‪#‎Steam‬, ‪#‎XboxOne‬ and ‪#‎Playstation4‬, bringing World War 2 into the next generation of video games! THANK YOU!
We're working on a little thank you update for everyone who has pledged towards and supported the campaign so far. We'll have a full write up coming tomorrow and multiple updates coming over the next few weeks.
The campaign is not over yet! We also have some pretty huge announcements in the works, so keep an eye out. For now, keep spreading the word to your friends and family as they'll only have 27 days to pledge to receive our timed exclusive Kickstarter rewards! Support Battalion 1944 now!"

ja bez wzgledu na decyzję, czy bierzemy razem czy nie "zabejkuje" - brakuje mi gier WW2, a UE4 oraz udział raczy esportowych w tworzeniu gry może sprawić, że bedzie to bardzo fajna pozycja do grania klanowego.

Mam tylko nadzieje, ze do 25 lutego (dopiero po tej dacie dam rade dać im pieniądze) będa jeszcze w miare rozsadne cenowo oferty.


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